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Orgue de Salon (a house organ)




orgue de salon We are pleased to present you the bank of a small house organ, 250 pipes, 5 real stops on two manuals (plus a coupled keyboard), built in 1988. It comes in soundfont and Kontakt 2 versions. If you are a user of Hauptwerk format, go to Soni Musicae / Hauptwerk

At first, we did not want to distribute it, because this is not an extraordinary organ, and it was impossible to avoid a big noise of organ-blower during the recording : as it is a house organ, it stood in a flat, and the microphones could not stand far from it. But, finally, after some numerical treatments, we think that the result is not so bad, and we give it to you as close as possible to the real thing, without changing many of its defaults...

There is no natural reverb in the rather small room where it stood, and the sound is dry and a bit agressive, specially in the high notes, because it is the sound of the original instrument, and it is also the result of the numerical treatments that remove the noise of the organ-blower.

The keyboard of a pipe organ is not touch sensitive (dynamic), and sounds at the same level however you press the keys, but we do not know how to obtain this with the soundfont format... To avoid dynamic differencies and respect the original instrument, you can adjust velocity in your sequencer in a way that the volume is constantly the highest... In kontakt format, all works fine.


This sound bank has been created according to the following aims : we tried to produce the best sound bank possible, without considering the final weight of it.

According to this, there is one sample for each note.

You may find this recording too dry, not reverberated enough. It is not only for the reason stated above, but also a deliberate choice, because we want this bank to be used in many contexts, mainly in a sequencer. So, it is possible to modify its sound, and add some reverberation or other effects, exactly as the user likes, what would have been impossible with a less neutral sound (for ex : church).

The organ is tuned to A 440 Hz and to equal temperament.

To make this organ easy to use, this sf2 soundbank comes with many presets that respect the usual relevant combinations of the original instrument. You will find :
01 - bourdon 8'
02 - flute 4'
03 - octave 2'
04 - chimney flute 8'
05 - flute 2'
06 - bourdon 8' + flute 4'
07 - bourdon 8' + flute 4' + octave 2'
08 - bourdon 8' + chimney flute 8'
09 - chimney flute 8' + flute 4'
10 - chimney flute 8' + flute 4' + octave 2'
11 - chimney flute 8' + octave 2'
12 - chimney flute 8' + flute 2'
13 - chimney flute 8' + flute 4' + flute 2'
14 - bourdon 8' + flute 4' + flute 2'
15 - bourdon 8' + chimney flute 8' + flute 4'
16 - bourdon 8' + chimney flute 8' + flute 4' + Flute 2'
17 - bourdon 8' + chimney flute 8' + octave 2'
18 - bourdon 8' + chimney flute 8' + flute 4' + octave 2'
19 - bourdon 8' + flute 2'
20 - bourdon 8' + octave 2'
21 - flute 4' + flute 2'
22 - Tutti

In the Kontakt 2 version, there are not all those combinations, because you can do your own as you like...

Before you download the soundbank, please read the licence and conditions of use.

Before you download the soundbank, you can listen it in two audio versions of the 1st movement of Bach's triosonate in E flat major, BWV 525, played by a midifile. You will ear successively 14 of the 22 sf2 presets. The first version is dry, without any effect. In the second version, a free convolution reverb effect was added (the excellent SIR).
Triosonate 1 dry
Triosonate 1 with reverb

Please do not give direct link for download on forum or web sites !

Download the sound bank "Orgue de salon" :
sf2 (24,3 Mo)
Kontakt 2 (73 Mo)
The sf2 version is compressed with sfark. To decompress it, you must use this software which exists for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux, downloadable there :  http://melodymachine.com/sfark.htm

This soundbank is free and will ever be, for you, but not for us. So, if you like it and want to help us to develop other soundbanks, or support our work, which takes time and money, you can make a donation. If so, send me an e-mail.

If you want to give us some feedback or any remarks about this soundbank or anything else, you can do it HERE

If you use Hauptwerk 1 or MyOrgan (free and better than Hauptwerk 1), you can find the "Orgue de salon" adapted to those softwares here :  Soni Musicae / Hauptwerk

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