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Mats Helgesson's page : the Maestro Concert Grand


Maestro concert grand-Yamaha CF3 Mats Helgesson is the man who, in 2003, gave to the world the best free piano bank, the famous Maestro Concert Grand v2. Like many people, I searched it on the web, found it, lost it again, because this bank appeared, and disappeared as Mats found a site to host it or not... Finally, with his permission, i decided to host it myself, in order to make it available for everyone.

But you must have a sampler that can read and play the gigasampler format to use it, like Halion, Kontakt, VSampler, or Gigastudio of course... The only freeware that can read this format are Synthfont and Linux Sampler, and they are not easy to use.
So, the Maestro Concert Grand v2 is a big giga bank using 792 stereo samples of a concert piano, a Yamaha CF3, recorded with two Neumann KM84 microphones, disposed in X/Y, with 5 velocity layers, and weighs 932 MB ! The piano alone, without release samples, weighs 887 Mb and 440 samples. The release samples are 352 and weigh 45 MB. You can play with or without them.

Please read the .txt file, written by Mats Helgesson, that comes with the soundbank : you will find precisions about the license, conditions of use and technical features. Copyright Mats Helgesson, 2003

Attention : the archive weighs 337 MB ! A big one ! Use a download manager that can stop and restart a download, like
Free Download Manager... It may be necessary.

If you want to ear how the Maestro sounds, listen these Beethoven's pieces, played by midi files :
Beginning of the "Diabelli" variations op.120,
with a bit of reverb :
 Opus 120 
Beginning of the "Eroica" variations op.35,
with more reverb :
 Opus 35

Please do not give direct link for download on forum or web sites !
Download the Maestro Concert Grand :

If you have some problems to open the compressed file, tell me HERE

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