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pageaccueilWelcome to the site Soni Musicae. Its purpose is to offer to everyone original good quality soundbanks, in different formats, mainly harpsichords and pipe organs.
Whe hope to contribute to rediscover and promote a rich but often forgotten or misappreciated instrumental patrimony.




The Blanchet 1720

The Small Italian XVII

A House Organ

Diatonic accordion

Bells and Rings

The Maestro Concert Grand





These soundbanks are free of charge, but very good, because, although we are amateurs, we want to give to anyone best quality products, without concessions, using large samples. This is the reason why they are bigger than usual.

For the same reason, we want to keep control on our work, and you will not find our homemade soundbanks elsewhere : it is forbidden to distribute them. And you may freely use them as you want, even in your recordings, but you are not allowed to modify them. For legal conditions, please see the special pages about that...

First, you will find soundbanks of harpsichords that are considered the best free ones, like the Blanchet-1720, our first soundbank, and the Small Italian XVII. We give also a House organ : Orgue de salon, and a Diatonic accordion

You will also find soundbanks made with free samples from other sources, selected for their good quality, that we just have assembled... You may do what you want with them without restriction. It is the case of the Ghent Carillon (
Carillon de Gand)...

You will also find the best free piano soundbank i know, in gigasampler format, the Maestro concert Grand, made by Mats Helgesson, who gently accepted to host it on this site...

If you use Hauptwerk, or MyOrgan (freeware),
dedicated to pipe organ simulation, don't forget to visit the site dedicated to this format, where you will find The Blanchet-1720, the Small Italian, the House organ and The Carillon de Gand, adapted to these programs, with special maps : Soni Musicae / Hauptwerk

As you see, this translation needs some improvements... So, if you want to give me some help and make it better, let me know : it will be a pleasure for me, and a benefit for the users of this site...

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