The Grandfather's Clock : CONDITIONS OF USE

Copyright by Eric BRICET February, 25th 2008

The soundbank Grandfather's Clock may be used freely. The licence grants you the right to use the soundbank according to these conditions :

1 - The licence is granted for an indefinite period of time. Were the obligations of this contract not respected, we could require the user not to use the bank anymore.

2 - It is forbidden to sell this soundbank or to insert the samples in any commercial application. It is forbidden to modify the samples (except for a strictly personal use). However, it is possible to create new mapping files (for any software) but this has to be reserved for personal use, and these creations have to be transmitted to the author, who might distribute them freely. Public use and recordings are accepted freely.

3 - Even if it is distributed without any restriction, the author keeps property and rights on the soundbank The Grandfather's Clock .

4 - If the user does not comply with these conditions, it could lead to legal prosecution. The court of jurisdiction will be in France. The french version of this contract will be applied.

Commercial distribution of this soundbank is illegal and can lead to legal action.

5 - It is forbidden to distribute this soundbank without permission.